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The London Pub
Building 1984, Mimosa Drive,
Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark Freeport Zone,
Clark Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023
(045)499-1177 or 0945-324-3725
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Stay tuned into the London Pub announcements bulletin to keep informed of what’s happening in Clark Freeport and its vicinity. Even right here at Ground Zero The London Pub has plenty going on all the time. If you have something you want the rest of the world to know about, please write a comment below or email us an article at

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近年来安全总是遊客考虑重要因素. 克拉克被认可為菲律宾最安全渡假勝地. 以往菲律宾旅游工业受许多遊客事件影响下降不少. 好几个曾经非常受欢迎渡假目的地因安全因素均遭受忽視. 遊客仍然比較選擇具良好安全記錄的旅遊目的地, 因此許多面往菲律宾渡假的遊客改憯選去克拉克.       克拉克自由港 (CLARK FREEPORT) 位於马尼拉近郊受欢迎渡假目的地之一. 大城市的交通擁塞, 污染及其它無數的煩擾在克拉克自由港皆不存在. 遊客和本地人一致認同克拉克為菲律宾最安全都市, 犯罪率最低, 秩序优秀. 居民随和好客,有礼貌. 马尼拉至克拉克的旅程完全走高速公路, 通顺安稳的旅行. 在克拉克自由港裡有一個以保存大自然為主题的渡假酒店名 CLEARWATER RESORT. CLEARWATER 不是一個豪華五星渡假勝地. CLEARWATER 面積十萬平方米, 可分为兩節. 靠近渡假酒店入口是湖泊部分. 这部分包括淡三约萬平方的米淡水湖, 一個小白沙灘和幾個水池. 除了游泳以外, 比較常見的休閒活動包括划船, 舠, 钓鱼, 骑自行车等等. 另一節位於渡假酒店的后部, 可以描述為郊野花园. 这部分具有許多大樹, 比较安静和自然, 适合露营, 漫步溜達, 放松神經的休閒活動. …了解更多信息关于菲律宾克拉克 CLEARWATER 渡假酒店 ………         菲律宾克拉克 CLEARWATER 渡假酒店 […]

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Clark Pampanga at London Pub

    Wine and Cheese Lovers in the Philippines will be treated to an afternoon of wine and cheese appreciation at the gastropub called The London Pub in Clark Pampanga.   Visitors coming to Pampanga Angeles City, Subic or Clark Freeport for golf, business or other purposes might want to bookmark this wine event in […]

Clark Pampanga offers Camping for Team Building

Team Building is one of those activities that most companies in the Philippines organize regularly, at least once a year. Even government institutions of the Philippines organize team building events at least once a year. Manila event organizers are frequently asked to find new programs and themes to make these team building events more stimulating […]

Hotel in Clark Pampanga Offers Summer Promotion Package

This is one more good reason for Manila residents to bring their family out of town on a trip north for some family bonding in a good hotel in Clark Pampanga. Well known for its nice outdoor space and the beautiful lake in Clark, Clearwater Resort is well regarded by travel agencies as well as […]


The London Pub in Clark Pampanga offers a Wine Buffet on Friday 14th March, 2014 from 4 to 7pm. This wine event is sure to show the wine lovers in Pampanga and visitors from Manila a good time.         Located in the heart of Clark famous golf and casino leisure estate called […]

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