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Wine lovers look for Burgundy wines in Manila


It wasn’t so long ago that it seemed like every other wine drinker is looking for a Bordeaux or a new-world red wine. These days it seems that almost every wine lover in the Philippines is beginning to pay attention to the wines of Burgundy. But where do wine lovers go to find a good selection of Burgundy wines in Manila?


Burgundy wines in the Philippines now available from Yats Wine Cellars

Burgundy wines in the Philippines now available from Yats Wine Cellars

Brief research into this matter revealed that indeed the selection of Burgundy red or white wine is very slim in all the wine shops in Manila. Even the better wine shops in Manila, the ones that supposedly cater to the more sophisticated and discerning wine lovers in Manila offer a surprisingly poor selection of Burgundy. Back vintages are as rare a find as a perfect pearl in an oyster. Once you take away those unaffordable (to the average human being at least) big labels, there is not more than a handful of selections of interesting Burgundy wines of good value.

Not so long ago in the Philippines and other countries around Asia too for that matter, Burgundy wines were for the few wine connoisseurs. That is no longer the case as just about all seasoned wine drinkers in Manila, Cebu, Pampanga and other parts of the Philippines turn their attention to the red and white wines of Burgundy. One could think up any number of legitimate explanations for this phenomenon. Burgundy red wines are exceptionally nice to drink with food, even the more exotic Asian cuisine. Some say that Burgundy red wines do not exhaust the palate and that drinking a bit more of it does not leave a nasty feeling afterwards like in the case of Bordeaux and new-world reds. Regardless, wine lovers in the Philippines definitely can use a reliable source for Burgundy red and white wines.

Burgundy Sparkling wine in Philippines from Yats Wine Cellars

Burgundy Sparkling wine in Philippines from Yats Wine Cellars

Wine lovers in Manila have discovered a small boutique wine shop that actually specializes in Burgundy wine. Contrary to what other wine shops in Manila do with their offerings, some 90% of the wine is from the Burgundy region. This includes the usual Burgundy reds and whites from the Cote d’Or region, as well as Chablis and Champagne. Talking about Champagne, this wine shop even offers a most interesting Sparkling wine from Burgundy, called Cremant de Bourgogne, definitely a much more practical choice of sparkling wine for all sorts of social events, including of course, wedding receptions. ……More about this wine shop in Manila that specializes in wines from Burgundy………..
If Ortigas is not completely out of the way for you, it might be worth your while to go to Philippines Stock Exchange Center – Tektite – and check out this small but interesting Burgundy Wine Shop one day.
Yats Wine Shop in Ortigas, Manila

Yats Wine Shop in Ortigas, Manila

Lobby of West Tower
Philippines Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel: (632) 637-5019 or 633-1566
SMS/Mobile: 0917-540-3626

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